FH2 lot 7

Located between FH3 and FH1 lower area of river Zamora , about 15min walk uphill to peaceful views of the mountains and relaxing breeze on the hill at about 900 meters elevation above sea level this property has been mostly cleared and planted with over 60 fruit trees and edible plants.

There’s a rustic 2 story house with solar power enough to charge phones, laptops as well as LED lights and wifi router with high speed internet connection (line of sight) that is pretty reliable and stable for most online jobs.

See photos an drone videos in this folder: https://fruitfiles.fruithavenecovillage.com/s/5pMgTGJMT7iiq3p

To rent the entire house with the bed and bedding in the upstairs bedroom, optional camping downstairs as well for $250 per month (plus  $100 per person security deposit see policy here)

If you would like to rent, please fill out the Guest Questionnaire or contact us for any questions.