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Amazing amazon

At Fruit Haven Ecovillage, we are creating a sustainable eco-village and a functioning permaculture fruit farm. We hope to inspire local farmers to see fruit production as a profitable endeavor; an alternative to deforestation and cattle grazing. 


Abiu fresh from the tree! 🌿

Pour Over

Fresh cacao pods grown on our land.


Badea looks like a giant passionfruit. They are actually from the same genus, but badea can be sweet when it’s ripe ☀️💛 so juicy and tasty!

Our Story

It starts with every one of us

Join us


There are many ways to join us in this beautiful region of Ecuador, by volunteering, renting a room or cabin, signing up for our detox program, or even buying land.

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Fruit Haven Full Documentary

Watch the full documentary about Fruit Haven Ecovillage, an intentional community in southeast Ecuador centered around permaculture, fruit, and raw, living foods.

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Thoughts and wonders

Thoughts and wonders

It has been said that an understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but a great fulfillment. Have you ever imagined living in a natural world, surrounding by fruitful trees, abundant waters and unique creatures?...

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Boris’s experience

Boris’s experience

Boris came to Fruit Haven in December 2018 to volunteer: I have been on a fruit based diet for almost 3 years and a traveler for the same amount of time when I decided to come to Fruit Haven. I love traveling on this diet because there's fruit sold almost everywhere...

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