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Amazing amazon

At Fruit Haven Ecovillage, we are creating a sustainable eco-village and a functioning permaculture fruit farm. We hope to inspire local farmers to see fruit production as a profitable endeavor; an alternative to deforestation and cattle grazing. 


Abiu fresh from the tree! 🌿

Pour Over

Fresh cacao pods grown on our land.


Badea looks like a giant passionfruit. They are actually from the same genus, but badea can be sweet when it’s ripe ☀️💛 so juicy and tasty!

Our Story

It starts with every one of us

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There are many ways to join us in this beautiful region of Ecuador, by volunteering, renting a room or cabin, signing up for our detox program, or even buying land.

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I have a question: does anybody know what is the best place (in the world) to grow the most varieties of fruit? It should be tropical climate I suppose? This question was recently posted in the "World Frugivore Tribe" group on Facebook. It is a great question that...

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Avoiding The Mark of the Beast

As of December 1st, 2021, Ecuador's president, Guillermo Lasso, issued an illegal and unconstitutional executive order that requires all travelers entering Ecuador to show proof of receiving an unsafe, experimental drug, laughably referred to as the COVID-19...

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