Land for Sale – Available for Purchase

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Fruit Haven 1 – There are currently no shares of FH1 for sale.

Fruit Haven 2 – There are 2 shares in FH2 for sale.

  • Lot 6 with 5% share of property ownership includes a house and a food forest on a 0.84 hectare /  2.07 acre lot, asking price $45k USD.
  • Lot 11 with a 5% share of property ownership includes a 0.75 hectare / 1.75 acre lot, asking price $15k USD.

Click on those links for more info on each lot.

Fruit Haven 3 – There will be three 5% shares for sale. They will be 1.5 hectares each and will cost $20k USD. Bitcoin also accepted. Contact us for details.

Fruit Haven 4 – There will be several 5% shares for around $10k-$20k USD each (depending on lot location and other factors), 0.8 hectares of land per share. Share includes land purchase and 3-4-year property development budget. After the 3-4 years, owners should expect to pay $300-$500 per share per year to cover basic property maintenance. Expect lots to be for sale in August 2021. Click here for more details.

Fruit Haven 7 – We have purchased the property and are in the process of adjusting the map. More details later this year.

Fruit Haven 8 – Stage 1. This is a group buy opportunity of a 27.8 hectare property next to Fruit Haven 7 and Fruit Haven 3. We are looking for a seed investor (or a small group of seed investors) to purchase the property up front and re-sell the shares as a group land buy. Click here for details.

Fruit Haven 9 – Stage 2. FH9 is a 31.5 hectare property next to Fruit Haven 8 and Fruit Haven 7. The property was recently purchased by seed investors and we will soon announce the division and lot sale plans. Click here for details.

Fruit Haven 10 – This 14 hectare property is down the river, in between Fruit Haven and Terra Frutis. Terra Frutis and FH10 are on the west side of the Rio Zamora, and Fruit Haven 1-3 are on the east side. The property is mostly flat and gentle slope. Click here for more info. All lots for sale are 0.5 hectares and are tied to 5% property ownership. Note that these lots are slightly more expensive than other current offerings because of the road access and powerline, making this a good option for people who prioritize access and amenities.

Lot 4 – $8900 – photos – Tunda forest – lots of them (useful to make fibers), a fair amount of jungle, big stream on boundary, slopes down to the stream, rocks, dense forest by stream. Easy power install because of vicinity to the power pole in Lot 5.

Lot 12 – $8800 – photos – Gentle slope like the others, forested area with a few big trees, lots of rocks, the part by the stream is steep but the rest is mostly flat.

Lot 13 – $8150 – photos – Forest/jungle, rocks, some notable trees, the part by the stream is steep but the rest is mostly flat.

Lot 14 – $8600 – photos – Big fallen tree, lots of jungle and brush, a few big trees, steep to get to the big stream otherwise gentle slope. Some big rocks and boulders.

Lot 15 – $8400 – photos

Lot 15, 16, 17, 18, 19: Same description as lot 14 (mostly identical).

Lot 16 – $8280 – photos

Lot 17 – $8210 – photos

Lot 18 – $8140 – photos

Lot 19 – $7920 – photos

Fruit Haven 10 – General Property Info

Fruit Haven 11 –

Terra Frutis Personal Plots –