How to travel here

Which Airport should I fly into?

If you fly into Cuenca, you will have a 4.5 hour bus ride to get here. If you fly into Guayaquil, you will have a 9 hour bus rides to get here (2 different buses.) If you fly into Quito, you will have 14 hours of bus rides to get here (usually 2 different buses.)

If you want a detailed description of how to get to this area (Gualaquiza) from the airport in Guayaquil or Quito, you can check out the “Detailed Arrival Instructions” page on the Amazon Fruit Festival website: Detailed Arrival Instructions

PLEASE READ: Travel Safety Tips

Do I need proof of ongoing travel?

Usually to fly into Ecuador from most western countries, you need to provide “proof of ongoing travel” to the airport that you are flying out of. This can be a return ticket. If you do not have a return ticket, you will need to go online and buy a bus ticket from Ecuador to Peru or Colombia. You can do that here if you select “Quito” as your origin city:

From some other websites you can also buy a ticket from Loja, Ecuador to Piura, Peru on Cruz del Sur for around $20 or less. If you do not have proof of ongoing travel, they may not let you fly. There are also websites where you can “rent” a flight ticket that is automatically canceled after your travel, the fee for this is about $10. They provide a valid flight ticket, that is solely for the purpose of providing proof of ongoing travel.

Do I need Covid test?

Yes, Ecuador requires a negative test in at last 14 days before entering the country.


Gualaquiza to Quito bus hours
12:30pm 6:45pm 10pm $23 San Francisco
8:15pm y 9:30 pm. $22,85 union yanzatza