FH2 lot 7

Located between the FH3 road and the FH4 road, between lot 6, lot 9, lot 10, lot 11 across the road from lot 4

This property has been mostly cleared and planted with many fruit trees and edible plants, including but not limited to: 7 jackfruits (4 of which are grafted), 1 grafted soursop, 5 rolinias, marang, orange, mandarin, sugar cane, bananas, pineapples and much more for total of over 60+ fruit trees.

There’s a rustic 2 story house with solar panels, batteries, inverter and charge controller, wired with lights and switches as well as wifi router and internet dish mounted on the side of the upstairs porch with active connection.

See photos an drone videos in this folder: https://fruitfiles.fruithavenecovillage.com/s/QfNjBX4RfaBtWXK

Asking price is $55,000 USD (negotiable) plus closing costs

If you would like to purchase or make an offer, please fill out the Trustee Questionnaire