Fruit Haven is an off-grid community of permaculture enthusiasts who work together to plant fruit forests and create a better planet, by restoring the world’s ecosystems to their natural state, while creating an example to guide others.

Our diets focus on whole-foods for ultimate physical and mental health. For some of us that means consumption of fruit/veg that are 100% raw, plant-based cooking and vegan ethics and diet, however what truly unites is our desire to stay healthy, while meeting our needs and values and living in connection to nature, in a community of conscious, fruit-loving individuals. Our community centres are 100% vegan.

Our decentralized community prefers to use the consensus method and non-violent communication to solve problems in an efficient manner and keep a comfortable balance between the rights and freedom of individuals for the functioning of the community.

We also emphasize honest economic practices and the use of sound money and alternative currencies