Security Deposit Policy

PayPal payments:

We will credit the amount that we receive. If you do not select the “send to friends and family” option, or are sending from a country where PayPal charges fees, we are not responsible for these fees. When your security deposit is returned, you will receive the amount that we received.

For rent / room stay payments, we will cover any PayPal or other money remittance fees.


We will deduct for breaking things, leaving messes, fruit rotting on the floor, basically anything that costs us money and time to deal with.

Room Reservations:

If you are unable to rent a room that you reserve, this is lost income for the owner(s) of the building, who could have rented to someone else during the time you reserved. For this reason, your entire security deposit will be deducted. The only exception would be if we are indeed able to find another tenant during the first month of your reserved stay, resulting in no lost income. In this case, we will refund your security deposit, minus a $20 reservation fee to cover scheduling and correspondence.

Standard Deductions:

  • $10 each instance of leaving serious messes in community areas, including leaving rotting fruit/veggies in storage while traveling
  • $50 for running instances of clearly disrespecting the drug policy as posted on the Fruit Haven website. Example: Repeated, regular use of psychedelics, intense focus and effort to regularly obtain and use psychedelics, regular smoking of marijuana while living in the community area, smoking of tobacco in the community area, etc.
  • $20 for breaking our arrival policy and arriving in the middle of the night. As per our arrival policy that you received in an email after filling out the arrival confirmation form, if your arrival in the area falls during nighttime hours, please stay in a hotel at Gualaquiza or El Pangui and come to Fruit Haven in the morning.

Pro-Rating Rent Payments:

Should you decide to leave early, we will not precisely pro-rate monthly room or camping rent because those rates are based on monthly stays and our costs associated increase for shorter stays. We will pro-rate on a sliding scale between our month rate and our day or week rates.

Forfeiture of Security Deposit:

If you do not request the return of your security deposit within 1 month after leaving Fruit Haven, it will be forfeited and considered as a donation to the community fund.

If we have to file a missing persons report for you, your entire deposit will be forfeited.

If you engage in theft or other criminal activity while here, your entire deposit will be forfeited.