Fruit Haven 10

Fruit Haven 10 is a 14 hectare property along the Rio Zamora, down the road from Terra Frutis.

Its location and easy access make it perfect for people who prefer not to live in the more remote Fruit Haven 1, 2, 3, and 7 properties up the mountain on the other side of hte river. Below you can read more details about the Fruit Haven 10 property, how to participate in the group land buy, and which lots are available (with photos and prices.)



The property has direct road access. It is bordering the Rio Zamora and is a 20-30 minute drive to Fruit Haven properties 1 thru 7, or a 5 minute drive to Terra Frutis. There is an area map below. With the current gravel road, it is about a 20-minute drive out to the main road (E-45) where one can easily catch a bus or drive north to Gualaquiza or south to El Pangui.


FH4 path view


Electric is not installed but the road has a power line. We will connect the community area to the power line. Individual homestead lot owners can hook up to the power line if they want (installation cost is their own responsibility) or use off-grid options such as solar power. Internet can be installed at this location all throughout the property; we will install it at the community area. There is a large stream (2-3 meters wide) coming down the northern property boundary. We will install a community water system that will allow all owners to hook up and receive gravity-powered pressurized water from the stream up in the mountain. 

fh10 pasture 2

Property features and geography

The property starts at the river, with about 5 hectares of pasture (lots 1 thru 10). It goes slightly uphill to the public path. Then, after the public path, it is forested all the way to the back (west) side of the property (the FH10 community area, lots 11 thru 20, and the forest reserve.) At the very back (west end) it begins to get steep as it goes up into the mountain. The property is about 100 meters wide (north to south) and 1400 meters long, so it has a long thin shape. It has been divided into ~0.5 hectare lots and an 0.36 hectare community area, and those lots can be combined into larger lots for the larger shareholders. Remaining land is either taken up by driveways, or is the forest reserve at the far west side. The good thing about the narrow shape is that every personal homestead lot can border the stream and the driveway (we have made a driveway down the length of the property; it just needs to be graveled). 

fh10 forest 1

Property development budget

When we do a group buy, the price of each share includes a contribution to the property development fund. This allows for basic maintenance of the property, construction and maintenance of the community area, and other important elements (driveway, electric, internet, water system, etc.) 

This fund should be sufficient for the 5 years after the initial closing. After this fund is exhausted, FH10 owners should expect to pay about $500/year per 5% share to cover maintenance of the driveways, community area, property boundary, etc. However, this amount will likely be reduced via renting rooms in the community house. 

Click here to see the property development budget for FH10 (PDF). 

Click here to see the yearly maintenance budget for 2024+



Click here to view a Google Drive folder with photos of the property:  

Community Contract 

When we do a group buy, owners must sign a horizontal property contract (via power of attorney) specifying land use, lot assignment, and other general rules. A sample of this contract can be found on the main Group Land Buys page.

Approximate GPS location

GPS location of the property: Google Maps

Elevation and Climate

The elevation of FH10 is 760-850m elevation on average. We are 3 degrees from the equator. This results in annual average daytime temps of around 24-28 and nighttime of 17-20. Examples of tropical fruits that will grow well here: Jackfruit, marang, rollinia, mangosteen, banana, papaya, citrus, durian (except for super-low-elevation varieties), mangifera odorata and mangifera caesia, matoa, and many others.


FH10 River Beach
fh tf area map

 Area Map

This map shows the existing Fruit Haven properties in relation to each other, Terra Frutis, and nearby towns.

Lot Map

Below is the lot map of Fruit Haven 10.

fh10 lot map

Closing Costs

The closing costs will be as follows: 

$800 per person if two people each purchase a 5% share around the same time (combining the closings into one) 

$800 per lot if one person purchases 2 FH10 5% shares at the same time 

$600 per lot if one person purchases 3 or more FH10 5% shares at the same time. 

$1200 if one person purchases a 5% share (without combining the closing with other lots – this would be the best option if you want to purchase a lot right away without waiting until we find additional buyers to combine a closing.) 

This covers all government fees, sales taxes, registration, as well as the agent’s fee for carrying out the sale. There are two things it does not cover: (1) Your signing, sending, or possible translation of the power of attorney document, as these costs can vary depending on your situation. (2) Any money transfer fees you may incur in sending the closing costs or property purchase funds.


Contact us at if you are interested in purchasing a share of this property.