Closing Costs

When you buy a property, whether it’s a share of an existing Fruit Haven group land buy, or as a seed investor, in addition to the cost of the property itself, you will also pay a separate fee for the closing costs. The closing process involves meeting various legal requirements, many days spent at the municipality and other offices, and a good deal of paperwork.

After completing this process dozens of times, we have the experience to complete the closing smoothly, culminating in a notarized sale contract, and your ownership registered at the property registrar of the canton in which your property is located.

Each property sale webpage on our website (see “Group Land Buys” above) has the closing costs listed at the bottom of the page.

Closing Expenses

  • Tax certificates, local and national level
  • Tax certificates, property
  • Various other certificates for the property
  • Sales tax
  • Attorney fees
  • Notary fees
  • Facilitator transport
  • Facilitator fees
  • Document preparation
  • Copies, printing, scans, and other stationary
  • Attorney-in-fact transport
  • Property registry fees

To get started buying land at Fruit Haven, click “Group Land Buys” at the top, then find the Trustee Questionnaire on that page.

Closing Info

  • Original documents: You will receive a PDF of the closing document, including the registry certificate. If you want a notarized copy, this may cost extra, please ask us beforehand. Normally the notary issues 3 copies: 1 for the notary’s archive, one for the property registrar’s archive, and one for the buyer, which we store in the Fruit Haven archives since it is a title for a group-owned land. Your additional original copy can be issued at time of sale, or afterwards for an additional cost.
  • Sale price: The sale price on your closing document by default is the cadastral value, which may be lower than the actual sale price. If you want the actual sale price listed, you must pay an additional capital gains tax. Let us know before the sale if you require this.