As of December 1st, 2021, Ecuador’s president, Guillermo Lasso, issued an illegal and unconstitutional executive order that requires all travelers entering Ecuador to show proof of receiving an unsafe, experimental drug, laughably referred to as the COVID-19 vaccine.

What does this mean for Fruit Haven?

Recent Events

Around this time, you may be seeing yet another round of “world leaders in random countries inexplicably synchronize a new set of draconian rules out of nowhere, just when your normalcy bias led you to think they were easing up.”

We want you to know where Fruit Haven Ecovillage stands on this, so more people feel safe in joining us to ride out this apocalyptic storm. We also want you to know that unlike most people, we are not just whining on the internet or dancing around the streets in clouds of tear gas for weeks making no progress whatsoever (ahem, Italy, France, and Greece.) We are taking concrete actions and we hope you will too. More on our efforts later in this blog post.

Image: One of the Ecuadorian lawyers fighting against the new mandate.


William Sánchez Aveiga

We saw it in Costa Rica just a month ago: Costa Rica now mandates a dangerous experimental drug for all children in the country, despite children having virtually zero risk from COVID, nor do they transmit it. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) This mandate is unprecedented. Many people have now taken Costa Rica off of their list of “countries to consider joining a community in.” Great, but what happens when there are no more countries on that list because of a globally-coordinated attack on our rights? There are currently legal efforts underway in Costa Rica to overturn this mandate, but just think of the sheer evil and ignorance that must be present in those politicians for them to even consider such a thing. This is a cancer that is invading every country in the world, and if you wait too long to hunker down, you might just find yourself stuck in an urban dystopia with the booster squad knocking on your door every 3 months.

Small Victories

Passengers who are unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to their health condition must present a medical certificate supporting this. They will also be required to submit a negative RT-PCR test. 

(Ministry of Tourism update, December 3, 2021)

Right after this announcement, we were a bit worried. Would the flow of tourists and new community members suddenly shut off? Would people no longer want to buy land here? Can our community continue to grow into a large society with hundreds of people?

Fortunately, the situation is not so dire. Just a day after this announcement, Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism announced an important change: Travelers entering the country, in lieu of proof of vaccination, can also present a medical certificate from a doctor stating that due to health problems, they cannot receive the vaccine. Some people assume this would be hard to obtain, but there are plenty of naturopath MDs who would respect that their patients have auto-immune conditions or other problems that preclude their ability to be vaccinated.

The other thing that quelled our fears was that people were still arriving to Fruit Haven. Sure, we had a couple last-minute cancelations from people who were not prepared as the president pushed this mandate with just 2 days’ notice. But others were already prepared. There have been many people flying around the world with “questionably obtained” vaccine certificates and cards for over a year now. The CDC handwritten cards are incredibly easy to make, and many countries accept those for entry requirements. Millions of vaccine doses were given before there was a centralized system, and those who received the handwritten cards still need to have their vaccination status respected, hence there being no central database that all types of cards from all countries can be checked against.
US travelers in Europe have found that they can bring their CDC vaccine card to a pharmacy and they will use that to create a QR certificate that can be used for international travel to countries with more stringent requirements.

We at Fruit Haven Ecovillage support the heroic efforts of anyone fighting against these clear violations of the Geneva Convention, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Nuremberg Code, and other accords:

  • Doctors or nurses who issue vaccine certificates without actually vaccinating their patients
  • Doctors who write certificates stating that their patients cannot be vaccinated due to an existing health problem
  • Heroic world citizens who help their friends to create documents allowing them to escape globalist tyranny
  • Security guards at airports and border crossings who don’t deny entry based on flagrantly illegal and unconstitutional mandates
  • Carpenters who build guillotines in preparation for mass sentencing of global elites and politicians who support the mass violation of human rights and the globalist agenda

Our Plan of Action

  1. Travel Tricks: Support wholeheartedly all efforts for travelers to come to Fruit Haven despite the new entry requirement.
  2. Legal Action: Support CONUVIVE, the association of lawyers who are pursuing legal action in Ecuador to overturn the recent executive order.
  3. Contacting Politicians: All Fruit Haven owners will send an email to our local representatives in the national assembly, demanding that they respect our constitutional and human rights. (If you are an FH owner, watch your email as we will send form templates for you to send.)
  4. Defending our Rights Locally: Hold demonstrations at local municipality headquarters in case they start to require vaccine proof for entry.
  5. GET BIGGER AND STRONGER: Continue to build and grow our community to be an infallible stronghold against the New World Order’s COVID agenda.

Hit them hard. Hit them where it hurts. Keep hitting until you get your rights back.

To fight this agenda, you need a community behind you. You can’t do it alone.

Don’t let your life turn into this.

What Comes Next?

It’s entirely possible that NWO politicians will simply give up. They will end COVID. “Good game, everyone!” they will say while giving you a high-five as they walk off the field.

But, delusional hopium aside, it’s easy to see that they are taking advantage of your normalcy bias. Long periods of same-ness and gradual moves back to normalcy, punctuated by sudden draconian new rules.

  • People in the US are happy that their state has no masks and no mandates, then, BAM, a federal employment mandate. Federal employment mandate gets struck down, but some private companies still enforce it, and did you even realize that this whole time, foreigners can’t fly into the US without a vaccine but they are letting thousands of people cross the southern border every week with no vaccine? The double standard makes their agenda obvious.
  • Austrians protesting in the streets only to find that politicians completely ignored their demands and now will throw them in jail for a year if they don’t get vaccinated.
  • People in Greece happy that their protests seem to have staved off the slow march towards – oh wait, what’s this? A vaccine mandate for the elderly. Periods of nothing to enforce the normalcy bias followed by sharp punctuations of extreme grabs of power and permanent violations of human rights.
  • People in Ecuador barely wearing masks anymore, things going well, maybe finally they will remove the PCR test requirement for entry… out of nowhere, with two days’ notice, vaccine requirement for entry.
  • Costa Rica, great tourist hotspot, plenty of communities, things going well, your normalcy bias being massaged… Suddenly, a nationwide vaccine mandate for all children.
  • Canadians. Happy, content, drinking their maple syrup. No more lockdowns, everything going well. But all of a sudden, you can’t leave or enter your country without proof of vaccination.
  • Literally right when I was writing this blog post, the news broke that starting December 14th, Colombia will require proof of vaccination to enter the country.

As much as we like to be hopeful, we should also be realistic, and acutely aware of our normalcy bias. Much has changed in the last 2 years. Things that we never imagined would happen, have happened, and continue to happen. Some things appear to be “getting better” (less masks, no more arbitrary lockdowns in most countries) but the things that really matter are getting steadily worse (increase of vaccine mandates and international travel restrictions in many countries.) Logically we should expect this to continue for the foreseeable future, at least until a REAL effort to stop this begins, which hasn’t even started yet.

 Next steps as suggested by various media sources over the past two years:

  1. Increase vaccine mandates everywhere, ignore protests.
  2. Gradually change from handwritten vaccine cards to QR code certificates with records in government databases, making it almost impossible to fake
  3. Begin to require boosters regularly, making it almost impossible for anyone with an existing fake “proof of vaccination” to continue faking it every 6 months
  4. Publicly persecute doctors and nurses who are caught issuing fake certificates
  5. This
  6. This

Call To Arms

We at Fruit Haven Ecovillage invite all able-minded and able-bodied people with similar ideas, mindsets, and goals as us to come and join us in our tropical paradise. The remote location of our land gives us the distinct advantage of “going galt” rather than trying to actively fight an opponent who is orders of magnitude stronger than you. The greater we are in numbers, the more functional we are as a self-sustainable society that need not entertain the whims of the global elites.

Some of our mountain properties, such as Fruit Haven 9, will be affordable enough that even people with low savings can afford to buy land. And if it really comes to it, we can extend our low-cost housing options to basically become a refugee camp for those who are fleeing this. Basically, we are really committed to riding this out and not giving in. The situation is grave and we need all the allies we can get.

Those of you who are politically liberal in the U.S. saw your favorite celebrities denounce the “rushed, unsafe” COVID vaccines under Trump, saying they would never get it, only to fawn over the exact same vaccine when Biden took office. Those of you who are politically conservative saw your favorite anti-establishment hero, Donald Trump, basically turn into a vaccine salesman after his term in office filling up the FDA and HHS with Big Pharma execs. No political party will save you. There is no political solution. Everything mainstream is a psy-op. You are being gaslighted and exploited by master psychopaths who know that your normalcy bias is your greatest weakness. You must leave Sodom and Gamorrah and find a place far away from modern society where you know the people have your back, no matter what. Will your suburban neighbors help fight off the police when they come to put you in quarantine camp? Will the normies in your apartment building join forces with you to rush the local supermarket when they try to put vaccine checkpoints at the entrance? You may think none of those things will happen where you are, and I’m sure the people in Australia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Canada, the US, Costa Rica, Colombia, Austria, Germany, and dozens of other countries thought the same thing.

We don’t want to be apocalyptic and say “this is your last chance to save yourself.” But, looking at the past 2 years objectively and analyzing the progression of events… it probably is. Wherever you will be the safest in the coming years, you need to get there as soon as you can. If you are already there, great! If you are stuck in the “land of normies” and have no way to get there, at least in your meditation practice you can start to come to terms with this being your fate.