Payment Plans

Finance your Fruit Haven lot purchase with monthly payments


Some Fruit Haven lots can be purchased via a payment plan. You will pay a down payment, followed by monthly payments, until the full balance has been paid. The interest rate we offer is 5%. We will sign a promise of sale contract with all of the terms. Once the down payment is made, you can begin developing and living on your property. Contact us at to create a payment plan.

Owner financing is finally available at Fruit Haven. Read this page to find out how to get started.

Rent to buy agreement for lot purchases

Don’t have the full amount ready to buy your Fruit Haven lot and fund your homestead development right now? Don’t worry! We are now offering payment plans for some Fruit Haven lot purchases. Make a down payment and you can start developing and living at your lot while making monthly payments of until you’ve paid for your lot. Our interest rate is well below accepted usury limits, and our default terms are very accommodating.

Payment Plan Details

  • Down payment of 20% or $2000 USD, whichever is greater
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Interest rate 5% annual, calculated monthly
  • No late fees or any other hidden fees
  • Start using the property as soon as you make the down payment
  • Promise of sale contract for legal security
  • Title transfer to your name when payment plan is complete (you will also pay closing costs at this time)
  • You can complete your power of attorney document at your leisure, any time before the payment plan is complete

Sample Payment Plan

Property Cost: $10,000 USD

Down Payment: $2,000 USD

Monthly Payments: $350.69 average

Term: 24 months

fh10 lot map

FH10 Lots Available - Pay Monthly

Purchase any seed investor-owned lot in Fruit Haven 10 with a payment plan! Check out our Group Land Buys page to see more properties available.

Sample Payment Plan 2

Property Cost: $6,500 USD

Down Payment: $2,000 USD

Monthly Payments: $197.27 average

Term: 24 months

Terms and conditions

If, during the term of your promise of sale contract, you decide that you no longer wish to go through with the purchase, or cannot make payments for a period of longer than 8 months cumulatively (a default), we will consider you a partially-paid owner of the lot and if and when the lot is sold to another person, you will be reimbursed for the principal you have paid. However, note that the loan does not disappear, and interest will continue to accumulate during this time if you are not making payments.

Once your initial deposit is received, you can start developing and/or living at your lot.

You will be given a payment schedule with a due date and amount for each payment. If you miss payments, there will be no late fee, but your interest will continue to accumulate each month.

At any point during the contract term, you can pay the full amount for the lot (including closing costs) and complete the closing early. There is no early termination penalty.

The lot purchase closing will happen only once all funds for the purchase are received.