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  • Located 15 minute quad/motorbike drive or 45 minute walk up our private road from FH1 community house (laundry machine available)
  • Surrounded by the jungle in the pristine nature at 1000 meter elevation (3200 feet) above sea level in tropical Southeast Ecuador.
  • The community house has 2 bedrooms for rent
  • Shared community kitchen, hot water bathtub, shower and dry composting toilet bathroom.
  • Off-grid water system and solar power and battery bank with high speed wireless internet connection.
  • Nearby waterfall with a natural pool
  • All the water at the house comes from natural mountain stream
  • Prices for single occupancy in bedroom 1 is $45/week or $150/month, and bedroom 2 is $50/week or $160/month, double occupancy $65/week or $250/month – Rent is due on arrival
  • Note: this is remote location and it is steep to get up there with limited transportation options, the responsibility is of the renters/guests to get up/down. There might be occational water system outage for maintenance or after heavy rain, we are doing our best to maintain it but please be aware we cannot guarantee 100% of the time.

FH3 community house

FH3 community house kitchen

FH3 community house porch

FH3 medium bedroom

FH3 large bedroom

FH3 community house

FH3 waterfall