Latest Past Events

EMF / radiation awareness and Protection Workshop

Casa Rohan

Cancer is not the only disease, but the final stage of various sickness and symptoms which can caused by frequent radiation exposures. If you care about health, especially for the brain, nervous system and heart, it's vital to learn about the most hazardous wave which we are consistently exposed to and how to protect ourselves.

Music Night

FH1 Community Area

piano, guitar, drum playing & singing

Plant Propagation Class

FH1 Community Area

Peter will discuss and see examples of different methods of propagation of plants, i.e. "making new plants." Concepts: -Cultivars and genetic variance -Asexual vs sexual reproduction in plants Pros, cons, methods and applications: -Planting from seed -Planting from cutting -Air layers -Tip rooting -Root cutting -Grafting -Diecious vs monoecious