Casa Rohan

This house is for sale, see this page for more information: FH2 lot-4 + Casa Rohan

There are 2 rooms for rent with a shared kitchen and bathroom and waterfall shower. Book in advance.
On a private lot, a 1 minute up stairs from the FH2 community area.

The house has:

  • Internet with wifi and off-grid solar-battery setup that can run a mini-fridge with backup from a gas generator
  • Fully furnished kitchen with a large wooden fruit storage cabinet, a poweful blender (similar to vitamix), dishes, utensils and stove
  • Large family sized wooden table with benches, bamboo woven mats, hammocks and rattan-sofa
  • Large upstairs deck with breathtaking views of jungle, large river Zamora, and mountains landscape

The Fruit Haven 1 community house is a 5 minute walk down the public path with a beautiful waterfall, and natural pool perfect for swimming on a hot day. There is a laundry machine available there.

Prices for Single Double
Large bedroom $250 $350
Medium bedroom $200 $250

Rent the whole house for $450

Note: all payment transfer fees (such as paypal) must be covered by the renters.

The bedroom has a canopy bed with bug net. Bedding is provided.