Welcome to Fruit Haven!


  • Communal dishes, cutlery, blenders (no hot liquids), stove, etc.
  • Leave the space clean after use
  • Dry dishes with a towel and put away immediately (not leaving them on drying rack please)
  • At FH1: add name to cleaning list and read the tasks (will be shown when asked)
  • Water comes from the stream (different at each community), 10 micron filter for dish washing, and 1 micron ceramic charcoal filter for drinking. Bare with us and have patience when there’s outages, heavy rain can clog up the intake and temporary outages when we are maintaining the systems, we are often working to improve the systems.
  • Please label your food or will be considered communal food (see sharing shelf) otherwise abandoned food will be composted.
  • Compost bins for fruit/veg scraps, paper/cardboard and anything organic, please take it to appropriate location and not scatter around the community area to avoid wild life that can be dangarous (mice and rats which then atract snakes)
  • Plastic trash bin for anything non-compostable (wrap any glass/metal with sharp), ideally taken out to the bridge trash bins
  • No incense or other smoke or burning in the house (unless everyone agrees to it)
  • Quiet hours between 10pm to 8am, be considerate of people around – ask first

    Getting food

    • Communal fruit is shared fairly among respective community members, volunteers and sometimes guests and neighbors and other FH properties. At FH1 see Harvesting Guidelines
    • Sharing shelf – only use as needed, don’t take all to your box please
    • Private lots selling fruit, check the telegram chat
    • Weekly order – place it Monday, delivered Thursday – request to be added to the order by Chang-Yu on Telegram: https://t.me/ChangyuTW
    • Chuchumbleza – dock (bridge) market on Friday morning – the village shops usually open any time during the day
    • Gualaquiza – market day on Saturday – shops and market open any time during the day
    • El Pangui – market day Sunday market – shops and market open any time during the day

    First aid kits

    • Check the stock in each community
    • Snake bites – go to Gualaquiza hospital (See pictures of dangers here) – call taxi, they are fast to arrive at the bridge and ask them to go to Gualaquiza hospital
    • For other injuries El Pangui hospital ($5 taxi from the bridge, ask driver to go directly there)


    • Instruments – use with care and respect
    • Books put your name on checkout list if taking a book.
    • Please care and respect books.


    • Using the dry toilet, add 3 scoops/handfuls of wood shavings to the bucket after use.
    • Butt spray/bidet with flush toilet or the dry bucket, reduce toilet paper use.
    • No solids or toilet paper in the flushing toilet (bucket is fine)
    • Peeing in the bucket is fine, around fruit trees is encouraged (drip line, not trunk)
    • Please clean after yourself

    Shower, Pool and waterfall (FH1)

    • Shower – to use hot water heater: turn water on, turn switch to the left; when done turn switch to middle and turn off water.
    • Nudity is permitted at the pool and waterfall  – with respect to locals (be aware of public path/workers since they can be sensitive to nudity if they come from religious background)
    • Local kids can use the pool only on Mondays (Solo Lunes)


    • The machine is $2/load including detergent
    • Hand washing with a basin for free for FH1 residents, volunteers or paying guests.


    • Storage of stuff for those camping or if running out of storage space in kitchen for things like watermelons and coconuts, etc.
    • Warning: careful with clothes getting mold (and dust, ants, cockroaches, spiders)
    • If available, a locker is provided for campers, for those not staying at FH1 the price is $5/month per locker