• Communal dishes, cutlery, blenders (no hot liquids), stove, etc.
  • Leave the space clean after use
  • Dry dishes with a towel and put away immediately (not on drying rack plz)
  • Add name to cleaning list and read the tasks (will be shown when needed)

  • Water comes from the stream we use filter for drinking – 1 micron filter
  • Personal box – label it or is considered communal food (see sharing shelf)
  • Compost bins for fruit/veg scraps, paper/cardboard and anything organic
  • Plastic trash bin for anything non-compostable (wrap any glass/metal with sharp)
  • No incense burning in the house
  • Quiet hours between 8am to 10pm, be considerate of people around – ask first

Getting food

  • Communal fruit is shared fairly among FH1 (sometimes neighbors and other FH properties) such as: bananas in cabinet, papayas are managed with a list – for other fruits depending on season and info see Harvesting Guidelines page:
  • Sharing shelf – only use as needed, don’t take to your box please
  • GPI – an investment lot selling fruit, prices listed, put money in the gray box
  • Weekly order – check telegram group
  • Chuchumbleza – dock (bridge) market on Friday (village shops usually open any day)
  • Gualaquiza – market day on Saturday (market and shops any day)
  • El Pangui – market day Sunday market (market and shops any day)

First aid kit

  • Snake bites – go to hospital (See pictures of dangers on the wall near whiteboard) – call taxi, they are fast to arrive


  • Instruments – use with care and respect
  • Books put your name on checkout list if taking a book.
  • Please care and respect books.


  • Using the dry toilet, add 3 handfuls of wood shavings to the bucket after use.
  • Butt spray/bidet with flush toilet or the dry bucket, reduce toilet paper use.
  • No solids or toilet paper in the flushing toilet (bucket is fine)
  • Peeing in the bucket is fine, around fruit trees is encouraged (drip line, not trunk)
  • Please clean after yourself