Note: currently not available for rent due to ongoing renovations

The Casa Pyramiradora is located on the top of the hill behind the Fruit Haven 1 community area. It is a 15 minute walk from the Fruit Haven 1 community area, which you will have access to in order to use internet, electricity, and the community kitchen.


  • The cost to stay is $120/month per person
  • It has a pyramid-shaped clay tile roof.
  • Wooden floor, beautiful view overlooking the mountains
  • Walls screened with shade cloth
  • Cellular internet available with a Claro (local cell provider) phone sim chip, which you can buy at the airport for $7 or at any store in town, and add MB of bandwidth pre-paid as you please.
  • The house is surrounded by a young permaculture food forest of many exotic grafted fruit trees and edible plants, some of which are ready for eating.

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