We have lots of work to be done at Fruit Haven Ecovillage and at the nearby communities.

Managing and assisting positions:

  • Server administrator with Arch linux, docker and nextcloud experience a plus (can be remote)
  • Plant nursery (on site at FH1)
  • Workshop (on site at FH1)
  • Rooms and cabins for rent (on site at FH1, FH2 or FH3)
  • Projects estimates and work for planting and construction for private lots (on site at FH1, FH2 or FH3)

Also bookkeeping and accounting work, topography, website design, updating, email and social media

If you have the experience or at least the motivation to learn and do the jobs listed above and get paid please contact us with your CV and details about you to apply to those jobs.

Let us know if you have any questions.